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  1. Thank you Gane for confirming this. It might actually be a benefit i.e. backups take less time!!!?!!! And Sync files are available elsewhere anyway!?!?
  2. I carry all my personal files around with me in my iPhone through the magic of Sync, but it appears that (oddly) these files are not backed-up when my iPhone is synced via iTunes. At least, the backup's size is so small that it appears it could not possibly be holding also my several GB of files. Can anyone confirm? What might the reason be for this?
  3. Made the mistake of clicking on my Windows 2.44's CHECK NOW button, and in upgrading to 2.5.2 this computer disappeared from my iOS devices as a peer and would no longer participate in syncing. I managed to find an old 2.4.1 download and re-installed, and it wanted to update to 2.4.4 so I let it and I am back to normal again thankfully. For me, Resiilio Sync "just works" and so I am not an expert at it, but it seems to me the devs need to do a better job with updates because it is panic time when the system stops working as this. It would be nice also (and maybe someone can point me) if there was a versions download page somewhere so one wouldn't have to rely upon one's own download files to recover to an older version, as I had to in this case.
  4. I updated the iOS app to .104 yesterday and it performed/downloaded in the dreaded "starts out slow and gradually slows to zero" and had to revert to the previous .103, which as we know is a PIA with Apple. "No Thanks" for this "update"!
  5. My posting in this thread has been wrong. After a couple of days now using the iOS app with Desktop 1.3.109 it appears to be working perfectly. The problem instead has been [any version] of the Windows 1.4 application.
  6. I have iPhones and iPads (use one of each). seems I *may* be wrong about the source of the issue--it may not be the iOS app that is the problem, but rather the Desktop application instead. I had been trying all versions of 1.4, which appeared around the same time as iOS8, and today after reading here about people unhappy with 1.4, I uninstalled 1.4.99 and installed instead, to my WHS2011 PC, the last version of 1.3 namely 1.3.109. I need to do more testing to verify that updates to the synced folders result in proper updates to my iOS gizmos, but at least 1.3.109 worked great with my iOS8 apps 1.4.103 to get all the files to my devices w/o hiccups. 1.3 is a little more fiddly than 1.4, but has the advantage of WORKING!!!! Maybe Robson the difference is your NAS vs my WHS2011, which is 64-bit Windows very similar to W7 (no I haven't tried on any of my W7 platforms lately but I recall that early on I used 1.3 with a W7HPx64 machine and it was just fine.
  7. BitTorrent Sync has not worked at all since upgrading to iOS8 (now 8.1) and despite the numerous updates (now 1.4.103 for iOS version) I can't get it to work reliably. Don't even know where to start with the problems: 1. If I start with a clean slate I can get files synced/downloaded to my iOS8.1 devices one-time (takes a long time!) but then 2. The iOS app starts & stops and doesn't finish yet says Receiving 3. The "bits up & down" indication goes away 4. The Desktop app shows Status of "Cannot identify the destination folder" and "Date synced" is days before Apparently some folks have gotten this to work, and in fact I used it happily with iOS7 (all the problems are with iOS8). I have two WiFi APs (above problems with either) so my comms are not the issue. How on Earth do I get this to work reliably???
  8. Sync for iOS latest 1.4.71 is still (badly) broken. On my iPhone 4S iOS8.0.2 when I try to Add Folder the screen momentarily goes black and I'm returned to the "desktop". A double-tap of the Home key shows Sync is running in the background, with not the Add Folder screen I'd been on but rather the Sync Approvals Settings About Help screen. Tapping that brings-up the Sync "Add Folder" "Camera backup" screen again but again tapping Add Folder causes the screen to black and to Desktop. I really need you guys to fix this, because I don't want to go back to iOS7 to get Sync working again.
  9. Auto-Sync No Longer Works!? I've been successfully using BTSync 1.3 to move files from my server PC to my iPhone 4S, but with the new updates to 1.4.83 and iOS8/app version 1.4.60 it seems that Auto-Sync doesn't work. Despite that the PC shows green checks/synced, and the iOS app also shows "Synced" and every Synced folder has its Auto-sync checkmark ON (Green) all files must be individually selected before they will download to my iPhone. This is not what I want of course--how do I get Auto-Sync to move all the files from the Server to the iPhone again? And of course to auto-download any file CHANGES that may occur?