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  1. Hi.I don't add folder's throught BTSync 1.4 with python script's. Throught BTSync 1.3 work is good. What are change API functions?
  2. Hi! I am add folder to sync through API interface:\!temp\sync_folder I am get answer: { "error": 105, "message": "This folder contains the data. Still add?" } How, I can answer "yes"??? or turn off this answer?
  3. Hi! Bt_sync 1.4 don't get/set secret on Pythhon Script. BT_sync 1.3 - it's well done.
  4. Hi! I have problem. I used BitTorrent Sync 1.3.109, I want to use BitTorrent Sync 1.4, but new bt_sync don't add to sync folder throught Api functions. If add folder to sync throught standart interface - don't problem, but I get some questions in standart interface, example autorization. How doing process autorization in API interface? Thank's. Sorry for my english language, I am from Russia.
  5. How many API functions have changed relatively version 1.3?