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  1. Great. I'll try and assist with anything else you might need.
  2. I apologize for bumping an old post, I just recently found the time. To answer the questions and suggestions in order: Nope, they stay the same. I need to keep the timestamps unchanged for other procedures. Nope, they are fully moveable. I can even move them around manually from the file explorer. This I did just now. Sent from both the Windows desktop program and the Android app. Thank you very much for the quick response. I recently found another bug that I'm sure is a tad related. It's about Sync not finishing syncing a file and the file gets corrupted on all
  3. Hi. This is my second post to the forum. I like the app on my phone very much because it allows me to backup up automatically (on a scheduled basis thanks to Llama) most of my media files and a few data files. Recently, I set up the app and desktop client to backup data file folders from a couple apps on my phone to my computer. These folders hold many JPG's. When the files arrive on my computer I shrink the images with third party programs. The timestamps are not changed, nor the EXIF if available. Then when I expect Sync to sync the images back to my phone it doesn't. The Sync desktop cl
  4. Basically what the title says. My laptop is a 14" 1080px screen and having it at 100% would hurt my eyes so I increase it to 125%. The problem is that the box sizes, scroll bars and others don't resize proportionately. The vertical scroll bar is always hidden and the last sync folder in my list can't be seen.