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  1. Hello! Im a bit new here, but loving BT Sync so far, considering its a beta! Now, pardon me if this has already been requested (I used the search function without any results) but I noticed that even if my computer and my Android phone is located on the same network, the Android version of Sync does not sync over LAN but instead seems to send the traffic onto the internet and back to my PC again. This poses a slightly privacy/security issue I feel, and at the same time, it massively bottlenecks my transfer speed as Im stuck with 8/1 Mbit/s ADSL internet.
  2. Yeah, a file-linking function that works without having to download Sync would make me throw Dropbox out the window in an instant. Is it possible at all, though?
  3. That is very strange. I redownloaded (For the second time) the installer and this time I got the .82 message alongside a successful install. It mustve been some very bad timing on my part when I last tried or something. Oh well. Thanks for the help.
  4. Anyone else able to help me out here with this problem of mine?
  5. Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am using the exact same version. I even doublechecked that by moving the installer onto a USB memory and tried with the same error.
  6. Hello! I decided to give BitTorrent Sync a try today. Ive successfully set it up on my phone, my laptop, my home server but not on my main desktop PC. Whenever I try and install it on there it tells me that Sync requires Internet Explorer 9 or later to function. Ive disabled Internet Explorer (as I only use Firefox) on all my machines (On all other machines I do get a notification saying that IE9 is missing, but that it will use my other webbrowsers WebUI instead except my desktop where it just refuses to install), so I find it very weird that it only causes a problem on one of them. All machines are running Windows 7 x64.