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  1. I tried to link all of my devices (8) after upgrading to 2.0 PRO (Free trail by default) First, when adding a folder. For example i add public... in my other devices it creates public (1) and it does not sync to the public that is in those devices already (using 1.4). I have a lot of data, is there a way to fix this?
  2. Hi Roman, Suddenly two of my computers are not syncing properly. Can you provide some support?
  3. Roman, I disconnected the folder from the computer that was not syncing. and then shared the folder again to that computer and it synced 100%. it has been working good since. I am running good again.
  4. I have updated all to the same version 1.4.110 yesterday. PDSSERVER2 was doing ok til today. not sure what happened. How to do the re-indexing?
  5. I was doing great til this update. Now I have PDSSERVER2 hanging.. it does not sync.
  6. We use all mac computers and on LAN, last week I saw 17 MB far I have not seen any issues. 7 peers, largest folder has over 100 GB.
  7. I think $39.99/per year/per computer is quite high. In my case I have 8 computers using BTSync.. Goodsync is $29.99 but they give discounts when you buy 2 or more. And that is a one time charge. 8 licenses is $17.95 per license AND THAT is a one time fee. Google Business Apps is $35/month for 400 GB// to all the computers on the Google Business domain. I guess we need to wait for it and see the specs of the free and the paid. I hope on the free they do not put limits on amount of data.
  8. We have a mac mini server at the office, and that machine is on 24/7... you can get a cheap laptop/desktop/nas and set it up with sync. Leave it on 24/7. it tuns into a private dropbox.
  9. after re-seeding that one computer that did not sync files... and after adding to my ignore list *.dwl and *.dwl2 (CAD Files), sync seems to be working great for me. all peers are synced after an entire day at work at the office. sometimes i see an out sync, but it seems it is when one computer disconnects before letting sync finished the process. Example: you save your file and close the laptop to head out of the door. when that laptop comes back on.. it syncs and everyone gets green check marks again. we have 8 macs and 4 pcs... (PC's mostly for Autocad), but some macs do run parallels with windows 7 and cad installed as well. so far.. so good... thanks for the hard work. specially with CAD
  10. it is like it has a timer on some files... in my case with CAD, i have excluded dwl and dwl2 on the ignore list. but the dwg takes a little longer to sync. i had to reset one of the peers and load one folder from scratch....for some reason that computer had the most syncing problems. i will see how it performs today and relay feedback. if logs are needed, let me know.
  11. spoke to soon. after a day at full work... it is not syncing. have pdf files not moving. Super slow as well now....
  12. So far no out of sync for me. i have 19 files all pdf that are no syncing. we have 7 peers. all updated. i have ask the sourve of those 18 files.. to remove them and then re add them in 30-40 minutes to see if they sync Folder 1 is 102 gb - 7 peers Folder 2 is 33 gb - 5 peers Folder 3 is 21 gb - 2 peers I will test tonight with CAD to see Do i need to add the exemption of .dwl and .dwl2? is it necessary with this built?
  13. when is the new update with the fixes to CAD, Office and PDF files coming?
  14. What are these files and are they needed?