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  1. I certainly did not want to derail this thread by making the two references to the open source topic. I was merely pointing out that in the Snowden era "privacy" cannot really be "expected next" from btsync (or any closed source software for that matter). So at least privacy should not be used to make an argument for btsync when it's not more than a claim.
  2. It might feel better - but let's not kid ourselves. Those really invested in privacy would not use a closed source products for this anyway. It would have been cool if they had made it (at least up until the data encryption layer) open source and just ask for money for the final product. Pro could have be hosting of the encrypted files. But well...
  3. Syncthing - seems usable. The directory/file watching is still subpar and I prefer the btsync way of connecting to a shared folder - but it seems to be getting there.
  4. Darn - that's nasty. Now I still struggling to understand what the 40 bucks/year is for though. Pro vs Free. Anyway - you said this going to be clarified soon. And I still would like to hear what you meant by "In relation to "web access" - you can already access Sync's Web UI in the current 1.3 versions." Just the new UI?
  5. To me it sounded like the pro version is essentially that provides a peer node for me that is always on and therefor holds the copy of my data. Plus on top of that a web UI to access the data. Wait a sec - you don't mean the new UI? You mean a web service where I can log in? So that means already has a copy of all my data somewhere? Hm. Odd - I picked it up somewhere. Thanks for clarifying things.
  6. I am sorry but while this hole "now we want money" does not exactly come unexpected, it would still be great to get clear answer on what that means. How come this is not covered in the FAQs? Can I keep using btsync without paying or not? what about in the future? Do you want money for having a peer node available? there is web access - what else? It that's the free vs pro version - how should I expect to see ads? e.g. on a linux server node? To be frank - communication to your users really sucks. I am just about to switch to the open source alternative. It's just I that I really liked btsync. cheers, Torsten
  7. I might have missed the link to the other thread. Sounds like it is implemented but not exposed.
  8. I would also looooove to have to have some kind of super or seed node where information is stored on only encrypted. (adding some kind of encryption layer on top myself is not enough)