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  1. Netgear says they have no idea when there will be a new build for ReadyNas. Does anyone at Sync know?
  2. Richard. Do you know if a new 1.4 build is heading to netgear soon? I've rolled back to 1.3 as 1.4 just isn't working.
  3. I have tried this - Sync data to another, empty folder then move the files you want to be present there into this folder As it was one of the solutions I discovered. It appears to now be taking days to balance out and consider itself synced.
  4. I wish I had found this thread earlier. I thought I was going mad. This bug is such a pain - I love BTS as it was up until now, smarter than me. I set it up and it just worked. Now I am having to fudge things which makes me nervous. I have two massive shares synced over ADSL, I do not want to resync them now I have replaced on of my boxes. What is the best way around this with pre-existing data?