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  1. I downgraded to 1.3.x it wasn't permissions in the end.
  2. Netgear says they have no idea when there will be a new build for ReadyNas. Does anyone at Sync know?
  3. That's all I have too. Could someone at BTS please provide older versions for us?
  4. I have put in a ticket to Netgear tech support to ask about when they are upgrading their 1.4 build for the readynas. Until then I have gone back to a version 1.3.89 on all my boxes. It just WORKS! I don't actually mind the UI in 1.4 but I do hate that it just drops peers, cannot sync reliably etc etc.
  5. Richard. Do you know if a new 1.4 build is heading to netgear soon? I've rolled back to 1.3 as 1.4 just isn't working.
  6. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of 1.3.x for os6 on readynas?
  7. Looks like the new build fixes a lot of this. Hoping it comes to the readynas soon.
  8. This looks to fix some major issues that have caused me trouble. Any news on when the readynas version will be released?
  9. I am having lots of issues with 1.4.77. One box is a 314, the other a 102 The GUI fails to render on all major browsers now and again. The settings seem to vanish on the shares. There are no peers a lot of the time. Sometimes the options icons appear on the share on hover, sometimes they don't unless I resize the window. I add a share and when adding via link to the other side I am told the link is invalid. I just cannot work out a pattern to all of this and it is driving me batty. Am I the only one with these issues?
  10. I have tried this - Sync data to another, empty folder then move the files you want to be present there into this folder As it was one of the solutions I discovered. It appears to now be taking days to balance out and consider itself synced.
  11. I wish I had found this thread earlier. I thought I was going mad. This bug is such a pain - I love BTS as it was up until now, smarter than me. I set it up and it just worked. Now I am having to fudge things which makes me nervous. I have two massive shares synced over ADSL, I do not want to resync them now I have replaced on of my boxes. What is the best way around this with pre-existing data?
  12. The same on all devices. This is odd. When it works and I am using a Read Only key, the folder with the pen crossed out appears and it works. When it isn't working for whatever reason, I use a readonly key and it created the share but marks it as read/write and seems to have different keys.... how odd. Edit - I think this is a permissions thing.....
  13. I used to have a fool proof set up with Sync. Set and forget, it was wonderful. Now with a windows box with latest client and a few ReadyNas units with 1.4.77 installed I am struggling to get anything to work. No peers will appear all the time. I wonder if this is a permissions issue? If I do a new folder that is within a share it sometimes works. Trying to sync directly to a share seems to fail. This is on the LAN and remotely. Logs and details to follow but if anything has had similar then please let me know. As a side issue, these shares will mostly already have data in them. Am I right in thinking I should delete the .sync folder and start again?