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  1. Hi @ all,


    i have a few feature requests to share:


    1. Creating a sync (not an upload) between mobile devices without an computer. For the moment i can't start a sync between my Android devices because the App can't create an QR-Code itself.

    Also there is no option like in the Windows Client to create a "read only" or a "read/write" key and select a folder at the mobile device that i wan't to sync.


    2. Limitation of the file size to sync over mobile connection


    3. Include or exclude from sync a complete folder/subfolder and not only a single file by marking it in the mobile app itself (without editing the sync ignore file manually)

    For better understanding, here an example:

    I want to sync with my windows client the folder "media" containing subfolders like "music", "video" etc. to my tablet and my cellphone.

    But i wan't to sync to my cellphone the whole media folder with all subfolders and to my tablet only the media folder with the subfolder "music".

    In the mobile app i can select the files in the folders i want to sync but i can't select the folder itself.


    Best regards,