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  1. I'm running a Windows 8.1 system, using the NTFS file system ; Sync Pro version 2.3.3 (296) I need to provide some background first, then I'll provide details of the bug. Background: I have 3 hard drives, all local. Drives C:, D: and L: I have a folder L:\real_data where my actual data is located I have 2 subfolders - L:\real_data\data_01 and L:\real_data\data_02 I have populated each of data_01 and data_02 with some test data (a file, and a subfolder with a file) I have a folder d:\000_data_junctions I have created a junction d:\000_data_junctions\data_01 to L
  2. Hi RomanZ. I'm running Windows 8.1 64-bit with IE11. Thanks,
  3. Hello there GreatMarko and all the other Bittorrent Sync folks! First time posting, so let me start by offering a big THANKS! for this tool. Making great use of it keeping things like music files in sync between my devices! I've recently upgraded to the Windows 64-bit v1.4.83 version, and I've noticed a couple of UI bugs/oddities I thought I would mention. 1) If I open the UI, and keep the window open but (for the most part) minimized, except for when I'm working in it/looking at it, the following happens after a while ... I don't have a precise timeframe, but I'd say after 6+ hours at