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  1. Over here problem came back OUT OF SYNC... there is a peer but no syncing Looks like i am loosing work of clients now
  2. Hey all, Thanks for the reply on the Streamlist file. I didn't touch anything and try to sync the rest of the files but I only get OUT OF SYNC and nothing is happening!! For now I see the list growing with files. All thumbnail files of Capture One try to sunc but nothing is happening. I also restarted the software on both machines multiple times now and after restarting you see that it starts again for a minut or so but after that nothing. What am I doing wrong here?
  3. Hello guys, I have the issue also that is described in a lot of topics The issue I read about a solution to add some info into a hidden file. But in each directory?!?! That can't be the solution right? I have around 2tb that has to be synced. Last time I lost files using BT Syn... I really hope this will be not be the case anymore?
  4. Very happy this version is working better. The only thing I see is that BTSync has to sun a LOT of files like 35560 times!!! What is happening?
  5. for now I switched back to DropSync 3 but it is not possible to do a realtime sync with this software (Rsync based) Really hope for BTSync to come with working solution?!?
  6. Hi Rick, great to hear I am not the only one. Do you have this problem with version 1.4.83?? Did you had this with older versions? Are you still using BTSync? Since not everything will be in Sync? Maybe you moved to another program for example Rsync?
  7. Thanks RomanZ for your reply. I have emails you but have no idea if you got the email?
  8. Hi guys, I had a lot of trouble in speed when syncing over the internet. Not more then 500kb per sec... for 50gb that was a bit too slow, but I moved laptop back to the office and added it to the local network. Syncing went to 10mb per sec (what isn't that fast but better). After a while sync stopped and giving the status OUT OF SYNC. When I move over it with the mouse it tells me there's no peers online to sync with. Strange thing is that I am working on both macs at the same time so they are online. BT Sync version 1.4.83 When I go to the Peer List I see my IMAC that needs 6035 files left to receive. What's going on here?