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  1. Same issue here. I find the entire design clueless. When prompted I actually thought it was to identify the machine not my "usership". Apropriate info is not given here, apparently.
  2. since nothing about android is mentioned I followed the linux process (knowing android is a ripoff of linux), the file remains "FFFF".
  3. Android Client, corrupted file persist! Firstly, yes I have read these: There seem to be few discussion about the Android client, here's my problem: one day I was syncing my Android 4.2 with my windows 7 and suddenly a power blackout! It caused me to erase the entire storage of the windows 7, luckily my files on other machine survived - actually a newer version, and my windows 7 is yet to be updated. The update included the deletion of a few files, and when I resume the sync of android 4.2 these corrupted files cannot proceed, while these files can be crossed in further syncing to make Sync work all well these grayed files insisted to be a sore in the eye. Here's what I've tried so far: 1. Isolate every machine and delete the .!sync file. At first the !sync files appear here and there randomly and I tried to delete them everytime i encounter one. While there's 6 unfinished tasks on my android, only two of the !sync occurs now (the actual file, I mean, unfinished files on the android interface is still 6). The problem of shutting every machine is that one of them is a remote server and i couldn't operate them all by myself. I once tried to isolate it from my net work for a while, but this is useless, and once the connection resumed it even caused a revert-update! With all these, the !sync still seem to appear, only the frequency declined. 2. Trying to locate something like !sync on my android is not easy, infact, even utlizing tools able to reveal hidden files on a rooted machine is effortless. Realizing in android the folder sdcard/ and mnt/sdcard have a peculiar relation you know this is no easy hunting. There seems not anything like a file-list on the android client either. I'd rather wish there is an option other than the 'sync' that i could click to exclude permanently the single file I selected on the android interface, hereby declaring its non-existence. 3. And the previous trial has given me an idea to clear out the entire backup on my android terminal. That's exactly what I did, to keep only one pc terminal on with an most up-to-date backup and !sync files seemingly exterminated (double checked). I have deleted the Sync folder on my android, uninstalled and reinstalled the sync, and when the download begins, bingo!, those six broken files appeared AGAIN! It sounds to me that only a 'file-list' stored on third party server could explain all this! Or anything else?