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  1. I confirm that if you close/shutdown Sync before shutting down the computer, Sync does not open in a window on the restart. It would appear that this is the source of the issue and perhaps the requirement to adjust the program before the release of the latest version of Windows was missed. By the way, I have the same issue with Skype for Business (similarly, it won't open in a window if you close/shutdown Skype for Business before shutting down the computer).
  2. Unchecked auto start, but Sync still started even though Sync wasn't showing in the System Scheduler (not sure how it was able to start). Uninstalled, then reinstalled and in the install setup set not to autostart. This prevented it from starting, but after checking autostart the same issue of open on startup returned
  3. Thanks Helen, but the /MINIMIZED is already here (still present) for that key.
  4. I have the same issue, can we please have this bug resolved. Thanks