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  1. ios 10.3; sync 2.5.10 file is deleted from device and placed in archive. how do i access the archive so that i can delete the file from the archive and free up the storage it is using? thanks.
  2. thanks for the reboot suggestion. i'll keep an eye on things the next time around. everything seems to be okay at the moment.
  3. sync 2.4.5 on iOS each folder has a details page. that details page contains, among other things, the size of the files in that folder. it would be great to also be able to see how many files and the total size of the files in that folder's archive. thanks.
  4. thank you, helen. a note and a question: note: while i reported that i was using 2.4.5 on iOS i was actually using 2.4.4, and it seems the advanced options (including the ability to toggle the archive) were not introduced until 2.4.5. that's why i missed it (and why the screenshot of the details for the folder in question did not include an "Advanced Options" link at the bottom of the page). in any event, i updated to 2.4.5 and problem solved. thank you. question: how long do the files actually stay in the archive? you mentioned a "day". just prior to updating to 2.4.5
  5. i documented this issue on october 1, 2014. the issue still exists, so i'm now reporting it again. i'm creating a new forum topic because it's been so long, because i'm running on more recent versions of software, and because the original issue was reported with bittorrent sync and that's since morphed into resilio sync. i'm using sync to transfer files from a home server to a remote server, using my iphone as an intermediary/bridge. the issue is that storage on the iPhone is seemingly not freed when a file is deleted by a peer. there are three systems involved: DESKTOP1
  6. i understand the developers are working on updating the client for iOS 8; i just wanted to get this documented. i'm using sync to get files from a home server to a server at a colo facility using my iphone as an intermediary. the problem is that storage on the iphone is not freed when a file is deleted by a peer. three systems involved: D1: OS X 10.9.4; sync 1.4.72 M1: iOS 8.0/8.0.2 sync 1.4.60 D2: OS X 10.6.8; sync 1.4.72 here's the process: (1) D1 and M1 are on the same wifi network (2) file is created on D1 (3) sync is started on D1 and M1 and the file gets synced to M1