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  1. @RomanZ settings.dat sent. The workaround works. Deleting settings.dat solved the problem for me (btw: the sync folders are unaffected by all this). I deleted settings.dat, and when i opened btsync, i got the EULA screen. After that, it works just like before.
  2. Yup. Content type was "text/css". Changed to "Volume data". Before the gui was completely blank and gray. Now the background has changed to white and i can see a single line of text on the top left corner of btsync gui. In times new roman font, saying "Sync is paused | Resume" and a button "x" that does nothing. Btw: sent you the %appdata% folder via mail.
  3. Same here. Fully updated win 8.1 x64, btsync gui gives a completely blank screen. Seems to work normally in the background. Tried updating btsync to the latest version. No difference.