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  1. Sometimes, when I try to open a folder in BitTorrent Sync, I get the message "Your access to this folder is not approved by folder owner" and I'm unable to access my data. After waiting a couple minutes and trying again, it just works. Or at least, after a peer synched with my phone. I'm not sure what's causing this. I have the built-in windows phone filesystem encryption enabled and installed the latest release ( of BitTorrent Sync today.
  2. I'm using BitTorrent Sync for 2 years. It's running on my notebook, pc (both Ubuntu Linux), tablet and mobile phone (both Android). Last week, I got a new mobile (Windows Phone) - unfortunately, on this platform BitTorrent Sync cannot run in background and the location of the synced directories cannot be specified. But I still got my documents, pictures and music synced between all my devices, no matter on which device the latest data update occured. As I don't want use a cloud-based solution, BitTorrent Sync is the perfect tool for my needs. It's reliable, fast and secure. Keep it up!