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  1. Thanks for the explanation. For those interested or worried, I have now upgraded by DS1815+ from DSM 6.0 to 6.0.1, and then to latest update of 6.0.1, and BTS is indeed still running fine.
  2. HI Helen, Sorry, but not sure this is best advise - try it and see? I have BTS 2.3.8 running on DSM6.0, yes. The issue is a conflict with DSM upgrade to 6.0.1...the prompt is that BTS will be disabled. What if it doesn't work? It's been weeks now, 2.3.8 is out, and still same issue... If it doesn't work, it means I lose realtime sync and risk data loss, from an application I pay for. Does anyone have any idea when this issue will be fixed? When the app we pay for will allow the platform it runs on to be upgraded, without risk of major issue? PS; see tweet monologue on this subject http://twitter.com/QuaCKeReD/status/746678388857933828
  3. Count one more success, following above links, for a DS1815+ (avoton) - below showed no warning or errors at all; manually upgraded BTSync to new version, as per http://help.getsync.com/hc/en-us/articles/206215185-Synology started BTSync, ensured operating by visiting GUI stopped BTSync upgraded DSM to 6.0 checked admin account still active (was prior to upgrade) rebooted NAS started BTSync
  4. Just had this issue on a running system (Synology DS411+ii), immediately after upgrading to 2.0.105-1. Tried several things to resolve (disconnect/reconnect, chmod on root folder, etc), but none worked. So I set about looking at the differences between the folders that were showing this error, and the ones that weren't. And found one thing that seems to have fixed this for me; The hidden .sync folder on these issue folders had following owners; drwxrwxrwx 3 100 superuse 4096 May 21 17:00 .sync and on non-issue folders; drwxrwx--- 3 100 users 4096 May 21 15:27 .sync NB; superuse is a group I setup, of which admin and myself are members The main problem, I saw here was the group ownership - users vs superuse - though the user owner (100, an unknown user, though I believe was the older btsync user, no longer used so deleted) seemed to be an issue. Updating the ownership on the .sync folder to 100:users resolved the issue immediately! And, as btsync runs as admin now, updating to admin:users didn't cause any issues.
  5. Thanks. Does this also decrease the 'x of y' clients connected on each folder?
  6. Any idea when this will be available? I now have 2 copies of home server, and 4 of NAS
  7. Hi, Newbie to the API, so going to ask whether what I am thinking is even possible Am thinking of writing a script, that can obtain the local machines paths of all synced folders, and use that to show the size of the Archive folder. Also, possibly, show the break down of this; whether it is deleted data or versioned data? Reason being, I sync a large volume of video files, that I then delete on one device after watching. This then, obviously, creates an archive copy of each on the other device(s), taking up space I may not want it to. A script would allow easy view of space usage for Archive folder (and display makeup, if that is possible). Thanks in advance for nay help.
  8. public (1) is the incremental named folder, as public already exists. If you want to move folder to be v2 folder, instead of 1.4, then remove them from all devices, add to one, wait for config to sync to your other devices, then connect that folder and change the path NB; leaving device default setting to synced/connected, will auto-create folder under the default path. Set device default to disconnected to pick the location you want to use.
  9. Maybe this is the issue here; people were using a beta version of a product, with no idea what the roadmap was for it, and what plans may have already been decided on the business model it was going to involve? To call it sleazy is a bit harsh in my mind, especially when no-one asked what plans were in place beforehand? Yes, subscription may be a strange way to cover payment for an application, and that may change. You makes your choices, and you rolls with the punches.
  10. Its $3.33 per month, to pay for something that many people have been using for free for a VERY long time. During that time of 'free use', how many of the dev team complained and quit in a paddy? How many said I aint doing this unless you give me X, or Y? Yes, its a shock. It always is when you suddenly realise the value of something you rely upon. Yes, it may be confusing as to why they picked that figure. But, you aren't paying for a service, you are paying for an application and for the continued development of that application. We should be grateful that BTSync is still here, improving and has a free option - many other platforms are not even around anymore, never mind having a free option! LogMeIn is a good example; they provided free for that long it cost them, and they had to shut free down completely. Stop trying to argue whether you fit the Free/Pro level - that has already been decided If you came across BTSync now, I am sure you would find a way to sync everything you wanted in 10 folders
  11. Hmmm, not sure I agree that unlimited folders is a feature - functionality, yes, but not a feature. Weren't versions upto 1.4 always beta - v2 being the first non-beta version? Most software companies do introduce some sort of fee for first major releases - and thats what this fee appears to be for; to pay for the work already done, and to ensure future work is covered. I can see why some people would be upset, but then lots of people expect the world for nothing. And $40pa ($3.33pm) isn't really a lot to pay for the features and functionality BTSync provides. Maybe a monthly pay option would be an idea?
  12. No sure what the issue is here with folder limits? If you had more than 10 folders on 1.4, then 2.0 will honour that - you just can't add anymore unless you upgrade (this was my understanding from reading); "The total number of folders which can be kept synced via FREE version at a time is limited to 10. If you have already added 10 folders, and want to add one more, you will have to delete at least 1 folder from the previously added ones or upgrade to PRO." source: http://help.getsync.com/customer/portal/articles/1901266-sync-free-vs-sync-pro Personally, I have been waiting for a way to pay for the service I rely upon so heavily. And, in the current tech world, where services disappear overnight, I would have thought others would also want to ensure that their service providers are supported, thus ensuring continued improvement.
  13. Strange, I had an issue today, with sync showing as completed, yet there was a large file on destination (RO) showing with .!sync extension, yet file had been removed from source
  14. Can I ask, if 1.4 is Beta, why it is default download on website? Surely keeping last stable 1.3 version as default download, and allowing people to test the 1.4 Betas if they choose, would be better idea?
  15. Hmmm, shouldn't be issue for me, as destinations are all RO? Or, is that the point of the issue.....