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  1. Do we need to add the folders again on all clients? Or can we just update the clients?
  2. ok, now it gets weird. After having folders in the "out of sync"-state for weeks now and trying evgen_ru fix without success, the folders are now syncing again. I haven't changed a thing on my setup, just left it running for 2.5 days after trying the fix.
  3. Just gave that a try and it works. But as you mentioned restarting btsync puts the folders in a out of sync state
  4. 1.4.91 out, problem persists
  5. Thanks for the reply. I tried checking "Overwrite any changed file" in the folders preferences. But as soon as I check the prefences again, it is unchecked again.
  6. Hi everyone, I am running btsync on two machines. Syning mostly read only backups or encrypted nodes. In both cases restarting btsync often leads to an "Out of sync" status and no matter how long btsync runs (tried a couple of days) i never leaves this state. My questions: is this fixable, without deleting the r/o or encrypted backup and re-adding them? Why is this happening?Edit: all running 1.4.83