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  1. Thanks give me the hint, i try to delete the Sync folder and add back again from the 2 Android devices, and make sure they all had full access. Now seems the empty folder stop coming back. I must missed to use full access in one of the android device. Thank you for your help.
  2. I had a windows desktop and 2 android pads been synced for 1 folder with BTsync. I add some folder (with files) on desktop BTsync folder, and these will auto be synced with other 2 android pads, which is worked very good. eg: BTsyncRootFolder\sampleSyncFolder BTsyncRootFolder\sampleSyncFolder\file1 BTsyncRootFolder\sampleSyncFolder\file2 BTsyncRootFolder\sampleSyncFolder\file3 but problem is when I delete the folder (and the files in it), an empty folder keep coming back, eg: BTsyncRootFolder\sampleSyncFolder the only way I can get rid of this is I have to manually delete these empty folders from each devices. which is I believe BTsync wasn't designed working in this way. Searched the community, seems I am the only one met this problem? If anyone can help me with this? Thank you.
  3. please bring portable support back. All the bittorrent apps has this function, why Sync is a exception?
  4. download 1.4.83 from and make a portable by put a "settings.dat" besides the BitTorrent_Sync.exe startup, BitTorrent Sync, crash message shows immediately as following: ===================== [Window Title]BitTorrent_Sync.exe [Main Instruction]BitTorrent Sync has crashed. A crash dump has been saved as: [Content] \17039443-sync.8144.dmp. How would you like to proceed? [Just relaunch the application][submit this dump to the developers][Don't relaunch the application or send a crash dump] ======================= if you would like to have the dmp file, please download from here: Please let me know how can I make BitTorrent work again? Thank you.