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  1. I have the same problem, sync keeps crashing on one of my PCs But i dont get nothing more than general dialog saying "Cannot generate crash dump, reason unknown..."
  2. Please vote here http://forum.getsync.com/topic/30010-none-deleting-node/
  3. Thx for 2.3 release, win service and encrypted folders are great features of great product! Guys, do you plan to implement backup feature as requested at http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/30010-none-deleting-node/? This would be killer feature...
  4. Vote here http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/30010-none-deleting-node/
  5. Count me in! +1 BTSync is great piece of software, but i really miss this feature...
  6. Workaround for "Out of sync even all peers are online" seems to be just restart btsync on "master=A" as tested on Win7 box with LAN only settings (tracker and relay off) Same applies to 1.4.91beta
  7. @native ad Don't know, i don't use third party packages on my nas
  8. @AP-123 No, i don't want to use cloud station, because it prevents synology from sleeping. I did some tests related to this issue, support has already them, so we have to wait for response.
  9. @romanz logs from both peers has been sent at syncapp@bittorrent.com
  10. @romanz i tried enable logs on A (win7), btsync has crashed (dump sent), after that, i started btsync on A again. On B (win7) i disconnected folder and entered RW key from A, synchronization started! But, when finished, i tried modify some files on A to test additional synchronization. And it failed again with on A "out of sync" and "OK" on B. I enabled logging after cca 25mins on A and on B. After that synchronization started and finished briefly. Since then, i'm not able to reproduce this bug A and B on the same lan, tracker and relay off, both online and connected to internet. Follow up: B was turned off for some while and then on back again, 35min ago i added new file to A, since then: - A is out of sync (because of new file) - B is "synced" Logging enabled on A and B
  11. Have the same issue Both windows 7 machines wont sync after initial sync... First one is "out of sync" with X files pending to sync a peer, which cant be seen on the same lan by first one, which is online and is in "Synced" state. Version 1.4.83, tracker and relay off
  12. Hi, i have same problem, no peers on Raspberry PI (1.4.x), did you send ticket?