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  1. Hi Andy, please be more specific, my machines have different Windows 10 licenses (Pro/Home) and different builds (1903-2004) and these instructions are in general valid to all of these versions. To run network connections setup and check connection profile type in search "explorer.exe ms-settings:network", then click on connection properties to change profile. To run firewall settings type in search "wf.msc"
  2. See above, i have added versions at the end of post.
  3. Hey, must admit that i almost gave up on Resilio Sync, i wasn't able to get Sync to work without relay servers (think of speed) for few years, but recently this became deal breaker and i gave it last chance. Sympoms: windows machine connected permanently to local network and notebooks connected by wifi => resilio sync peers not visible, or "randomly" syncing slow using relay Checked/investigated: routers (icmp, ap isolation), extender, digged in resilio knowledge base, checked firewall settings for resilio (upnp enabled everywhere, ports open) everything setup the way it should
  4. This is simple incredible, requested feature exist/existed for Android for years and it's still not available for desktop??? You guys, i know there is lot of feature requests coming, but this essential one which will allow to use sync for backup has still no priority?
  5. I have the same problem, sync keeps crashing on one of my PCs But i dont get nothing more than general dialog saying "Cannot generate crash dump, reason unknown..."
  6. Please vote here http://forum.getsync.com/topic/30010-none-deleting-node/
  7. Thx for 2.3 release, win service and encrypted folders are great features of great product! Guys, do you plan to implement backup feature as requested at http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/30010-none-deleting-node/? This would be killer feature...
  8. Vote here http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/30010-none-deleting-node/
  9. Count me in! +1 BTSync is great piece of software, but i really miss this feature...