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  1. I have the same problem, sync keeps crashing on one of my PCs But i dont get nothing more than general dialog saying "Cannot generate crash dump, reason unknown..."
  2. happy.cze

    Readonly Folder Between Devices

    Please vote here http://forum.getsync.com/topic/30010-none-deleting-node/
  3. happy.cze

    Latest Desktop Build 2.3.0

    Thx for 2.3 release, win service and encrypted folders are great features of great product! Guys, do you plan to implement backup feature as requested at http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/30010-none-deleting-node/? This would be killer feature...
  4. happy.cze

    Sync For Backup - And No Deleting

    Vote here http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/30010-none-deleting-node/
  5. happy.cze

    None-Deleting Node

    Count me in! +1 BTSync is great piece of software, but i really miss this feature...
  6. happy.cze

    [Solved] Syncing Not Completing

    Workaround for "Out of sync even all peers are online" seems to be just restart btsync on "master=A" as tested on Win7 box with LAN only settings (tracker and relay off) Same applies to 1.4.91beta
  7. happy.cze

    No Peers With Btsync 1.4

    @native ad Don't know, i don't use third party packages on my nas
  8. happy.cze

    No Peers With Btsync 1.4

    @AP-123 No, i don't want to use cloud station, because it prevents synology from sleeping. I did some tests related to this issue, support has already them, so we have to wait for response.
  9. happy.cze

    [Solved] Syncing Not Completing

    @romanz logs from both peers has been sent at syncapp@bittorrent.com
  10. happy.cze

    [Solved] Syncing Not Completing

    @romanz i tried enable logs on A (win7), btsync has crashed (dump sent), after that, i started btsync on A again. On B (win7) i disconnected folder and entered RW key from A, synchronization started! But, when finished, i tried modify some files on A to test additional synchronization. And it failed again with on A "out of sync" and "OK" on B. I enabled logging after cca 25mins on A and on B. After that synchronization started and finished briefly. Since then, i'm not able to reproduce this bug A and B on the same lan, tracker and relay off, both online and connected to internet. Follow up: B was turned off for some while and then on back again, 35min ago i added new file to A, since then: - A is out of sync (because of new file) - B is "synced" Logging enabled on A and B
  11. happy.cze

    [Solved] Syncing Not Completing

    Have the same issue Both windows 7 machines wont sync after initial sync... First one is "out of sync" with X files pending to sync a peer, which cant be seen on the same lan by first one, which is online and is in "Synced" state. Version 1.4.83, tracker and relay off
  12. happy.cze

    No Peers With Btsync 1.4

    Hi, i have same problem, no peers on Raspberry PI (1.4.x), did you send ticket?