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  1. I've installed btsync on my WD MyBookLive and it's sort of working. There are a couple of problems here and there, like the ampersand issue in my other posting. It's a great produce - definitely better than what WD has done in their WD My Cloud app but I've decided to stop using btsync for now and I have deleted all the .sync and archive folders that were created by btsync. I would like now to remove btsync from my NAS so that these .sync folders don't get re-created. Could someone give me the instructions to remove btsync from my NAS please? Thanks KB
  2. Quick update to all readers. The ampersand is a bug. RomanZ has confirmed it in another post.
  3. Thanks RomanZ. Hope the ampersand gets fixed soon. I need some of those folders in my iPad. When there's a new release of the btsync, do I just copy over the binary file to my NAS and run the chmod and /./ commands after ssh-ing into the NAS? Or do I need to remove the existing copy of the btsync first? Will the removal also remove the record of what I've already synced? Sorry for the barrage of questions. Very grateful for the application. Thanks again for the reply! KB
  4. Thanks GreatMarko. Good to know it can be done. Is there a more detailed guide as to how to do it? I'm quite an idiot with Linux. How do I give that listen command when I'm in the office in another network?
  5. The web gui for the NAS is accessed using the url localhost:8888 when my Macbook is in the same network as the NAS. Then I add folders that I want to share. Let's say I'm now in the office. I want to share a folder in my NAS with my iPad. This folder was not added to the list earlier. How do I access the web gui to add this folder when I'm outside the network that houses the NAS? Is it possible? KB
  6. I think I found a bug. I found that Add Folder will not open the subfolders in main folders with names like Rock & Roll and Tour & Travel Destinations. I think it has to do with the linux command. I understand that "&" is a linux command. I'm guessing that when the Add Folder function tries to open a folder with an "&" in it, it somehow interprets the "&" in the folder name as a command, and stops there, without opening the subfolders under that folder. I now cannot access the subfolders to add them for syncing to my iPad, no matter how I click or double-click the folder. I have several folders with "&" in its name and I'm kinda stuck with adding their subfolders. Hope a quick update will come soon. KB
  7. I discovered something common about the three folders: they all have an "&" in their folder name. For example, "F&B", "Textile & Fashion", "Tour & Travel". I think this is the problem. Folders with "&" in their names will not show their subfolders. I tried other folders that have "&" in their names and subfolders, the same thing happens: the subfolders will not show. I have no problems with folders with long names or with many subfolders as long as the main folder does not have "&" in its name. Once a folder has "&' in its name, the Add Folder action will not open up the subfolders for selection. I don't know Linux so I don't know why it is the case but I would consider this a bug. I can't afford to change the folder name to get around this problem because it would upset my backup regime using Chronosync. It would re-copy the entire folder and subfolder and files as backup. I hope the btsync developers have a look at this. I still haven't found a solution to the folder sort issue. Hope someone has a solution. Thanks!
  8. I gave up on WD My Cloud iOS app since it stopped syncing folders. Glad to have found btsync for Linux systems. Managed to get everything set up and started syncing folders from MyBookLive to my iPad. Have a couple of issues which I hope to get some help with. I don't know Linux at all, so it took me a whole day to set up the btsync with my NAS and MacBook and iPad - thanks to the many detailed instructions provided by members here. I have two problems: 1) How do I sort the order of the folders after they have synced to my iPad? It seems that they are ordered in the sequence they were added to the iOS app. I have 80 folders synced over but they are not in alphabetical order so searching for a folder is a bit of a hassle. If I need to edit some config file, please do let me have the steps to it. 2) Some folders in MyBookLive will not open to the subfolders when I click on them in the web gui on my MacBook. There are 3 folders that won't show the subfolders. I checked them and they were of different sizes. Two have many subfolders while one has only 5 subfolders, so it can't be due to the number of subfolders. I've tried to reboot the NAS, re-launch the web gui on my MacBook but I still can't open up the subfolders in those 3 folders. I don't want to sync the whole folder over; I just want to sync some of the subfolders. There's one more thing, more like a feature request, unless it actually could already be set through the config file or something. It would be good if the left panel of Sync app in the iPad could be closed on demand so that whatever I'm reading on the right side of the Sync app could have the maximum space on the screen. Not sure if this can be done now. Thank you for reading. KB