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  1. Thanks, which files exactly should I send to the support system? You only mention paths.
  2. None of the above show up, only following ... will PM you with the dump [20160224 00:17:18.724] PD[AEC4] [4732]: failed to open TCP tunnel - endpoint:, status: "offline (timed out)", enc: TLS, socket: 0x3b4f3a08, tunnels: 0 [20160224 00:17:19.234] PD[AEC4] [4732]: checking tunnel connection to peer, transport: TCP, endpoint: [20160224 00:17:19.234] PeerTLSEH[0x3bc6beb0]: hello packet { share:6965F2C12CCDA2043471F1F3E04601D8992B25F2 } has been sent [20160224 00:17:19.235] PD[AEC4] [4732]: checking tunnel connection to peer, transpor
  3. Hi, Very interesting case ... BTSync on my NAS Synology DS 715 automatically stopps running and is deactivated, without myself having done anything. Every few days I have to manually restart BTSync. I have 2.3 as a version. Any ideas what this could be? Phil
  4. Hi, I have BTSync installed on a NAS and everthing works well at first. But after relogging I only get an empty page, well more the known grey row, but without the icons and no folders. Synology NAS. I empty the Browser Cache and restart and I am asked for password/user and login works, but no folders, no menu, only the grey background of the known icons. Anyone got an idea? Phil
  5. Same issue with me. Ubutunu server with a Synology NAS 214se. 20 GB and 150000 files. BTSync syncs every few our a few files. After 24 hours only 1 % synced. There mus be a bug here. Sync 2 on both.
  6. Hi, I am BTSync 2 installed on my Ubuntu Server and on my NAS. I connect both devices starting to add a folder from the Server and then pasting the code into NAS. Sofar all OK. Then I see "Pennding Approval" on the NAS, but not Accept on the Ubuntu Server. Further: Also tried the option to deactivate ask for Approval, but still "Pending Approval" was shown on the NAS. The server/NAS time are in sync. Any ideas? Phil