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  1. Hi I am neither a system engineer nor network Guru - but just a user who happens to use bt sync in between 2 NAS. A QNAP 439 Pro II+ (destination) and an Asustor 608T (source). As I postet a while ago after installing a new release (1.4) my sync concept broke completely down. Nothing seemed to work anymore. I did a lot of try 'n' error but without success. Finally, after some weeks time, I got the new release 1.76 and lots of the experienced problems (empty gui etc.) seemed to be solved. I deleted my 5 sync-jobs and created them from scratch. It then worked for about 2 days, very slow though, but it worked. No, again, I'm facing some of the old problems again: 1. no Peers around (I'm being told on NAS1 that NAS2 is offline; and of course on NAS2 I get the info, that NAS1 is offline (even though both NAS are up and running, nothing happens) 2. as there was a sync working during the first 2 days, it was amazingly slow (I'm talking about bites od kb; the cabling is cat.6 and the router is a gigaswitch model); I have also controlled my router regarding multitask Jobs - it's activated); there is no firewall limitation on ports. 3. during the 2 days both NAS were somehow receiving and sending (my Intention is to have the Asustor (NAS1) as source and the QNAP (NAS2) as destination. That means it should only be a one way connection. Questions: - which steps do I have to do to get a fine, working System again? - what can I do that my 2 NAS do see each other (communcate) permanently? - how can I get back the Performance that I used to have on Rek. 1.3x? Thank you very much for your Feedbacks. I Need them desperately. Regards Walter
  2. Hi I use 2 NAS, an ASUSTOR 608T (source) and a QNAP 439 Pro II+ (destination); from the Momanet I upgraded to 1.4 my Peers don't see each other anymore. The source says "no peer to get the files" and the Destination NAS says "no Peers". I am pretty sure (from what I have read in other threads/Forums) that the fault lies neither on the ASUSTOR nor on the QNAP but most definitely in the BTSYNC app that I upgraded on the QNAP NAS. Any clue? Thanks
  3. Hi Alan I have the same difficulties on my QNAP 439 Pro II+ Since the ladt update of BTSync nothing works anymore. The system is extremely slow. I can see the jobs, they're out of sync, peers cannot be found anymore. And worst of all: can't manage existing jobs - needless to say that I can't create new jobs
  4. The exact message is: Safari cannot establish a connection to the server Safari cannot open the page "ipadress:port/gui/" as Safari cannot establish a connection to the server
  5. Hi, thanks for your post. sorry that I didn't mention my complete environment. I use BTSync between 2 NAS: NAS 1 is an Asustor Device 608T => used as data source NAS 2 in a QNAP Device 439 Pro II+ => used as target unit The MAC Pro is being used as my workstation It all worked perfectly well until some days ago, when I was upgrading onto rel. 1.4 on SAN 2 app I try to describe what exactly happens: 1. I Login to SAN1 and double-click the BTSync app 2. the sign-on Screen (ip address:port/gui) appears 3. I Login, have all details on the Screen => everything seems to be OK 4. I Login to SAN2 and double click the BTSync app 5. then there will appear either: a) a blank gui on my Screen (with absolutely no Information on screen) - remains blank even after 15 minutes or more or a message appears telling me that a Connection to the Server is not possible. SOmehow he cannot find OP address:port/gui of SAN2 The second Point you mention is: I will check the exact Status in about 2 hours and upload the answer. (I cannot give you the exact wording as I am not at home right now; I will upload it later today)
  6. Hi I am using a MAC Pro and my browser is Safari. My gui is also blank (we get the same message that there is no connection to the server possible) and as far as I could find out, sync stopped the same day we installed vers. 1.4 any clue how to solve the Problem on a mac/safari? thanks Walter