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  1. Just wondering what was the current build on October 3? (I'm on 1.4.91 and want to know whether that is the aforementioned "next release" or whether said "next release" is yet to come). The problems described here sound very similar to what I'm experiencing, but with some variations: *Office 2010 on Windows 8.1 64bit. I was also running an older version of Sync on a couple of Windows 7 machines. I hadn't got around to updating on those machines yet, but have now done so. Problem is still there (in fact, I wonder whether I actually need to revert to the "old" version of Sync on all of my machines...?) *Problem only seems to happen with Word *.doc vs .docx makes no difference *Happens every time I try to save. At first, I simply got "Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error." But recently, Word has simply been opening the "Save as" dialog as though the file has never been saved. But if I try to just overwrite save, then I get the above error. I'm hoping that these differences are just because I'm using an older version of Office than other users, and that the fix being developed will fix it for me too. I also hope that said fix is still forthcoming, because if 1.4.91 contains it, then something still needs fixing.