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  1. I am using BTsync for Android to save me photos to my PC and file server. I expected that if I delete a photo on my smartphone it would be moved to the archive folder on the PC and on the file server to. But instead nothing happen. The files synced to the PC and file server are not delisted or moved to the archive. If I setup up a read only sync between my PC and my file server files deleted in the source are moved to the archive on the remote machine. Why is a sync between Android different then a read only sync of to PCs? Is their a why to setup a folder sync on the Android phone in the same way as on a pc
  2. I'm having almost the same problem with firefox 32.0.3 on gentoo. My share button never appears. The chrom browser on my mobile phone is working. Opera shows the share button but it doesn't show if a check-box is checked.