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  1. Hello, since i couldn't find any info about this problem i post here, if any person has encountered this problem before or a post that talk about it, please, send me the link and excuse me. Btsync version : 1.4.91 ARM ( The problem : btsync take ALL FREE SPACE (as in the title) The system : Pidora (Fedora remix for pi) v20 Date : 24/07/2014 SD card 16 Gb System size : ~2.2Gb Syncing folder size : ~4.0Gb Processor type : ARM Run\rights : i run btsync as root (since it can't write to a directory) Peers nb : 2-4 (mac os, windows, linux x2) If i open the directory synced in a file manager, it shows me only 2.6Gb of content, if i run a command : du -sh, it shows me ~12Gb. I can't run some programs because of insufficient free space. Also, ls -l shows me almost every file and folder in synced directory with 4096b size, but i know it's impossible since i can compare the output of the command with the original directory on another computer. Maybe it's somehow related with the same kind of problem i encountered on windows 7, in proprieties menu, the synced folder shows ~1.22Tb of space on disk, bit it's impossible since the hard drive had only 200Gb left, and the folder is only ~4Gb. I would like, at least on my pi, to limit somehow the space token by the folder, so i can do anything else than backup on it. Has anyone an idea?