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  1. Done, now i'll wait if i encounter issue again. Thanks
  2. Well, they are files with different names, some files have numbers, other words. Some files are kb, others 900mb. I can move this files as i want, only Sync can't copy them... P.S. If i restart syncing (so, i delete this folders and create another with same key) the same files that previously weren't synced, now are perfectly synced...
  3. Hi I'm using Sync on my pc (windows) and on my android phone. I'm syncing the entire microsd of my phone, so i've always a backup of that on my pc. The problem is that some files aren't synced: the client on windows download all the other files from my phone, but some files (always the same) stay only on my phone. So i've the message 'not synced' on windows, but it sees the peer...why?
  4. Hi. I've setup my android phone and my pc, so i've a full backup of my phone on my hard drive (internal memory and microsd). I've set the windows client so it connects only with my phone, with static IP into same LAN. The problem is that from pc i've only a read-mode access, and on the Android app i can't find the 'secret' for full access. Is this only my problem? Thanks