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  1. I shared a QR code with my PC to my Android Phone. The phone see's the Folder and does as much as copies the folder to the phone, but none of the file contents. On the other side, If I add a file to that folder from my phone, my PC gets the file without any problems, but files from my PC are not forwarded to my phone. Please help.
  2. On all of my browsers, whenever I click a link to sync a folder provided from the host device, my browser gives me two options, the first stating to install BTSync 1.4 if I haven't already, the second stating "I already have BTSync 1.4" and when I select it, nothing happens. When I run as an administrator then it will bring me to the Windows App store but doesnt give me an option to choose BitTorrent Sync. I managed to get Firefox to give me an option to choose what program to open the link with and when I navigated to C:\Program Files\BitTorrent Sync\BTSync.exe - Nothing happens... BTSync doesnt recieve the request and I cant sync anything from my phone because of it. Please help. Another note, this is only happening on my Windows 8.1 Desktop. My Windows 7 laptop has no trouble parsing the links. Edit: I have BT Sync 1.4 installed currently