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  1. I spend parts of two days trying to disconnect a folder in the Main UI. I finally found help that said to hover my mouse over the folder and then click on the three vertical dots to display a menu, then select Preferences... The only problem is, my window was sized such that I never saw the options appear when hovering my mouse over the folder (and my window appeared similar to the one on the help page). I eventually saw the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom, indicating the window was wider. When I widened the window, there is a blank column and nothing under it. It would have helped immensely if the column had a title, as I thought it was some quirk in the product and not a real column. If the column were titled something like Actions, I would have kept the window wide enough to display it always. Just a suggestion, thanks! Gary One more thing - in addition to the above, perhaps add the same behavior to display the folder actions menu if triggered by a right-click on the folder name. Thanks! Gary