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  1. Slight update, the Macs not quite reaching 100% seems to be unrelated. I fixed that after reading this forum message, but the conflict on the Ubuntu side still exists.
  2. I have a share on two local Macs and one Ubuntu VPS, all running Resilio 2.6.3. The Ubuntu host is reporting a conflict file in its web UI. But it's using an encrypted key, so while I know that the affected file is called "CMRQCTHMAJJVPK2..." [246 characters long] I have no idea what file(s) on the Macs are related to this, or what to do about it. There's an "Ignore" button but I don't know what effect that would have. The "more info..." link in the error takes me to this page, which doesn't look like it's helpful in my case:
  3. I just had the same problem when setting up a share on an Ubuntu VPS. I fixed it using the process described by @bratten (thanks), but in the spirit of providing more information: The Ubuntu server is running 2.6.1 (1319), (installed as described at Resilio's site) with Ubuntu 16.04. It uses an encrypted key and showed the conflicted files in its web UI. The folder is also shared on two Macs, also running 2.6.1 (1319) on mac OS 10.13.6. They use read/write keys. A sample long filename apparently causing trouble: "HIYsdOFEuPMf5x7PXgZIhkz_l5t7InMiOiJzMyIsImIiOiJhZG4tdXNlci1hc3N