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  1. Nope. Not correct. Firefox works fine. Internet Explorer is hopelessly broken. Ignore me if you want. I know what I'm talking about. My purpose in posting here is to save the time and sanity of others like me who find themselves in this situation. There is a large number of people for whom use of applications which depend on the IE control is simply impossible. Like microsoft's login services at, and Office 365 applications like Word and Excel. For now, btsync has been added to the list of applications for which a dependency on Internet Explorer renders them useless
  2. That's great news. However I'm not on XP / Server 2003. This doesn't help me yet. Anxiously waiting, eagerly anticipating... Thanks. As far as I can tell, btsync is actually functioning. I just have no idea what it's doing, because the UI won't display. I know about settings.dat , but I don't know where to find a text format config file. This would be invaluable, as it is an artifact I could put into source control, and be able to quickly deploy btsync on new installs. Thanks.
  3. Oh, great, more good news... The btsync UI is dependent on Adobe Flash... No enterprise users will have a problem with that, certainly! </sarcasm>
  4. Embedding Internet Explorer as the sole way to display the BtSync UI on Windows guarantees failure. [ NOTE: Internet Explorer is NOT my default browser, I have both Chrome and Firefox installed, and tired to display the btsync UI with each of them set at the default browser. No luck. ] It is possible for Internet Explorer to get itself into a state where it is IMPOSSIBLE to repair it, reset it, or work around this problem by completely removing and reinstalling it. There is a setting buried in the registry somewhere which prevents proper rendering of content in certain circumst