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  1. 1.4.93... issues not fixed... image - http://goo.gl/S3FGvo in .sync folder
  2. On NAS PPC with UI. Version 1.4.*. 1. first sync. all ok. 2. restart btsync or reboot NAS 3. btsync start indexing 4. btsync finish indexing 5. Always "Out of sync" and biiiiiiig size of sync folders :-( (see pics.1,2) Fix: 6. stop btsync 7. delete *.db, *.db-shm, *.db-wal 8. start btsync 9. btsync start indexing 10. btsync finish indexing 11. all ok!! 12. but.... restart btsync or reboot NAS -> goto 3......"Out of sync".... :-( On source of synced files status show all ok (win 7 x64)... (see pics.3,4) This bug start from 1.4 and always after restart btsync. fix it, please!