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  1. You should hopefully still have the changed files in your sync folder (set WIndows to show hidden folders to see it), but as long as BTsync keeps insisting on overwriting them again even after a manual restore, this is obviously just a way to work around the problem and does not help with data backups.
  2. Since the update to the 1.4.91 beta client, I have noticed big problems with BTsync. This may be due to the specific setup in my company: We are using Git as a versioning tool for our programmers. Those programmers work with IntelliJ to code and we have a BTsync set up to sync their programming folders from their local PCs to a centralized server. We were using BTsync 1.3.106 before and had no problems. Now after updating a machine to 1.4.91 beta to test, we have the following problem: If you change an existing file with IntelliJ and commit the changes, the file gets rolled back to its previouis state a few seconds later. This can be replicated any number of times. Any idea what might be going on here and how to fix it? For now it looks like we will not update from 1.3.106.