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  1. Disagree with that, because "Sending" is not an error and that is shown. Therefore, by deduction, if the client is not sending there should be a comment in the Status column no? When my client is in sync it's just blank. Also, there is always a status associated with what the client is doing, whether it is in an error state or not...
  2. According to the files on the receiving client, it was sync'd up.
  3. Surely this is a bug? Is this in sync then?
  4. A good example. Is this in sync? I have a connected peer, but there is no syncing going on... This has been left overnight and was actively transferring when I last saw it.
  5. I think this should already be implemented?! Seems something quite basic... I just spent the last day waiting for my clients to sync when in fact they already had, thought it was my firewall settings... And I don't believe the advice to 'show the extra columns' is very helpful as the wording used in them isn't helpful either. Still a good fast client though!
  6. Hi, Firstly, things are syncing, however every time the client gets disconnected it starts from 0% again (which isn't actually 0%). So to explain better: If I have 100GB to sync, I start the sync and 10GB gets transferred and it says 10% completed. The client gets disconnected and then on next connection it starts from 0%, but has only 90GB to actually transfer. I would have thought it would have stayed at 10%...? This flaw basically means I don't know how much has actually been transferred. I would like to see the % out of the original total,rather than the % of the remaining files to sync. TIA!
  7. I have several thousand pictures that I have a one way sync (basically a backup) pushed to a NAS device while i'm away. I was wondering what happens when you move/rename a file from one directory to another (within the same sync share). Does the file at the old location get deleted and the new one downloaded? Or is that seen as a move and the file is just moved to its new location and not re-downloaded? TIA