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  1. Thank you for your quick response, ellw! You information is the same I read in Resilio's site. But I also read that all business plans include 5 users. In this company I work for there is no user needed, just backup purposes. So, technically, the "Sync Home" and "Sync Home Pro" will resolve with much lower price. Well... lower price compared to Resilio Business, but still higher them the licence we ware using with the buggy 2.4 version. But I am not here just to start a discussion. The primary objective is to solve my client's problem. Maybe I sh
  2. I am an IT consultant and I use Resilio in my personal devices with a "one-time cost" license bought some time ago. I also used the free "BTSync" to setup some backup solutions to some clients. In other words: I like your product very much, and used to spread the word in favor of Resilio's products. In one of these clents I bought "Sync Pro" license since 2015, wich used to cost USD 39.99/year. This week I read that new version 2.5.6 claims to have fixed the bug reported in: I also read that Resilio's licensing model has changed, and to run the new "Sync Business" on Windows Se
  3. Well... I can see that the bug is correctly identified and extensively documented, by several customers. But it is an important bug, known for more than 60 days. As I wrote above, the files wich are labeled "locked" are not locked anymore, and Resilio does not copy them, and they are the most important files to be copyed: the freshened/edited files.
  4. Now I got the error message when try to stop Resilio Sync Service: Windows could not stop the Resilio Sync Service service on Local Computer. Error 1053: the service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.
  5. I go to SERVICES -> "Resilio Sync Service" -> Stop. Than it take several minutes trying to stop the service. No error message, as I can remeber. Today I tried to replicate the problem, and for the 1st time it stopped the service!!! In about 30 seconds. So, I will focus now on the other problem: the lots of locked files. After I restrted the service (this time, without rebooting Windows), Resilio took several minutes to reindex all folders (normal because of the huge number of files) and did not show any locked files. So, the problem is that I nee
  6. Hi, I am using Resilio Sync 2.4.4 (732) (server) with a Business License with 1 device running Windows Server 2012 Standard and 1 device running Debian Jessie. This setup is running for a couple of weeks, making backup from windows to Debian of more than 1.000.000 files distributed on 15 different folders. The problem is: every day the Resilio Sync of the windows server shows a lot of locked files. Like 20 or 40 each folder, and these locked files are not liberated after the user closes it. And the files remain locked forever. These are exactily the changed
  7. >>> I would like to set a name for a given share in the UI which does *not* reflect the file system folder it points to. My god! Since 2014 several users asking for this simple UI change and no change was made until today? Look at my case: use Resilio Sync with a "Pro Individual" license in devices running Windows and Debian. I have different folders, with different data, in different devices. But these different folders have the same name. And it's defined by a third part software. I cannot change the actual folder name. I w
  8. Hi, I use Resilio Sync with a "Pro Individual" license in devices running Windows and Debian. I have different folders, with different data, in different devices. But these different folders have the same name. And it's defined by a third part software. I cannot change the actual folder name. I want to sync all these folders with all my devices for backup purposes. BUT (this is different of people usually wants), the data on the folder of device 01 will not merge with the data of the device 02. In the disk of each device, the original folder will remain named
  9. Hi, I know that BTsync crew and fans love this "skip cloud" feature, but for some customers, a cloud backup is a must. I want to setup quickly a cloud backup system. I would love to do it in less than a hour. And I am not a Unix guru to make a server so quickly. (I already made it, I run some btsync servers on backupsy.com, but this customer dont want to pay the whole Linux server setup). So, I want an online service as easy as SugarSync or Dropbox, where I can pay for storage+server side config. And use a BTSYNC client installed on my company's local server
  10. +1 This feature is really very important...
  11. I have a VPS and the most important service installed in it is btsync. I used this package to install it some months ago, and really do not remember if I used defaut config, but I suppose I followed your instructions. :-) The problem today is that aptitude allways hungs, and I cannot upgrade btsync nor any other package. I also tried to remove btsync, just to try a clean install, but it also do not work. I use Debian, and this is the output: ===================== root@debian:/home/USERNAME# aptitude remove btsync The following packages will be REMOVED: btsync btsync-common{u} 0 p
  12. @RomanZ, Thank you for the explanation. Me and my users works on windows most of time, and latin chars like é, ç, à, õ and ô are used everyday to construct filenames. I am not sure if they are non-ASCII. In our specific ASCII Table they are all on upper ASCII... But all the sync schemas I developed I use at least one computer in cloud (cheap VPS) running Debian+BTSync to guarantee all time and fast sync of any file edited in any synced computer. So, I am still afraid. "only with non-ASCII chars when syncing such files from Linux" looks like hits me directly! Just hoping this week an
  13. Thank you @RomanZ for your answer, but... As I said, this issue can broke the sync & backup systems I am using. And the description is not enough explained. Is there a thread where this behaviour is clearly described? I want to know wich characters or situations can trigger this bug. This will help me decide if I will stick with BTSync or fly away. Another important information is when it will be fixed. ETA? [ ]s Dario
  14. Sorry if it is a dumb question, but... Why some of you says things like "I don't like being forced having to have Internet Exploder enabled"? I use Firefox all day long, upgraded to 1.4.x and was not forced to use IExploder. Am I losing something? IS there something important in btsync 1.4 wich is only visible on IE?
  15. Hi, this is my 1st message in this forum. I created a login just to ask something really important to me and almost everyone who lives in Brazil / speaks portuguese. In this topic is written: "Known Issues in 1.4.92: (...) - Files containing certain characters in their names (such as accented letters) may not sync" Is this issue solved? It can just broke every backup/sync system I've installed until today... PS: I am using bittorrent sync as a sync plataform to my personal and business needs, and suggesting it to several friends. Read about this issue send a chill down my spine. [