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  1. Well, it lets people know there might be an alternative that fits with their usage. I found out about BT Sync from the Cubby forums when they had their meltdown. People were advocating for BT's unlimited sync back then, directing people here and, well, here we are in this very thread about that very subject. History tends to repeat itself, I suppose. FWIW, distributed trackers are being looked at for ST. They are about where we were here several versions ago.
  2. Erik, you again did not address the 10 folder limit that I think has most of us really annoyed. You didn't even side step it, you completely ignored it. If you and the team have really read every single message, that is one of the top concerns. [Removed - RomanZ] At least for anyone that is left. I've moved on, uninstalled all copies to BT Sync, and only return here on occasion to see if anyone has seen the light. Maybe in leu of a subscription I can send you some batteries for your flashlights.
  3. ^ This. How long now and no other response from them? I won't trust (now) that the free version won't be further crippled down the road. I'm 90% converted over to SyncThing and it is working well. Still a little rough around the edges, but as more and more refugees from here seem to be showing up, the contributions, even bug reports, are going a long way. The devs seem mostly excited about all the new attention too.
  4. Yes. Two reasons: 1) Arbitrary and capricious. A ploy to get people to go to Pro. 2) Given that no features of 1.4 would be lost with 2.0 promise (see separate thread) I can no longer trust this company. What's to say in 3.0 that gets reduced to FIVE folders? Or none at all?
  5. Wow, that's is sketchy. They should all be happy it is Friday, they've had a bad week.
  6. I nominate this as the best quote in this thread, perhaps the whole forum. This really summarizes the opinion of most of the people in this thread.
  7. Given how they've handled the situation so far, I wouldn't be surprised if they intentionally made it so you can't opt out. An average user will start to depending on a "Pro" feature, thinking it is part of the free version, and then after 30 days they get the rug yanked out from under them. "Oops, sorry to hear you were using that, sounds like the Pro version is what you're looking for."
  8. Nope, it's safe to say I, at least, have not lost my mind. I have a clear memory of promises of no features removed from 1.4. I also have cognitive faculties to realize that $40/year is a huge bargain - for BitTorrent. $40/year and I have to provide my own storage and bandwidth. Nope, my Spidey sense started tingling as soon as they announced 2.0. I've already been testing SyncThing in anticipation of this move.
  9. *lol* You say "10 active folders is a lot of syncing activity and we feel that those who need more capabilities will benefit much from Sync Pro" as if anything more is a burden and yet then say "There can be any number of folders enclosed inside that high-level folder.." Your statements conflict each other. The 10 folder limit is completely arbitrary to get those that may not be creative in organizing their data to buy the Pro version. That's all it is, a lie, just like when BT said the current features would stay. With all due respect, you can take your "Pro" version and jam it.
  10. I note there is now a "Help Test Sync 2.0" on the main sync page. People are still having problems with 1.4 given the threads here. Are we in a holding pattern for 2.0 or is 1.4 still being given some love?
  11. As several mentioned, a lot of us came here from other services. I got burned by Cubby and AeroFS. Personally, I'm just a guy who keeps (mostly) his iTunes and iPhotos in sync on a couple of machines (including off my home LAN to my work machine). Those are pretty large data sets. My wife uses it to automatically back up her work files to our NAS. Simple and straight forward, and works (well, until the misbehaving out-of-sync issues in 1.4, but I'm already over in that troubleshooting thread...) That all can be accomplished by open source alternatives mentioned here already. I'm not paying for that functionality, sorry. Professionally, I'm IT at a university and can see a few ideas for sharing data that the Pro features offer and being a current fan of this project, I'd further investigate those options.
  12. The latest updates have solved every out of sync issue I've had on OS X *except* the readonly folders others have mentioned. I have one very large one, terabytes in size, that used to sync well. In fact, it does seem to sync okay, new content is added to the readonly node, but it never gets a green checkmark and will say out of sync with no nodes available.
  13. So are mine, all Macs. I note that if I reboot one of them, they'll grab a few files before saying the peers are off-line again. Odd. I'll probably downgrade to 1.3.x tomorrow, as painful that will be setting up everything again *sigh*.
  14. Every since updating to 1.4.x I'm seeing this as well. Definitely something has changed, even with 1.4.93 the problem persists. I felt I could really trust 1.3, but 1.4 seems such a step backwards with issues like this.