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  1. When I first read that there will be a pro version and no changes to the known feature set in the free version, I already have thought that this is not what's going to happen. And it didn't happen. It is so much easier to cut features and force users into the Pro version than comming up with Pro features that are worth to pay for. Just you wait. They will raise the number of synced folders to 25 soon and call it an act of generosity (since 10 is already sooo much). What a disappointment.
  2. @RomanZ Sure I did! But maybe it'll be a bit tricky because of some nasty German umlauts @GreatMarko That is of course true. But still, Firefox has a very simple version numbering scheme (only one number, that's it) instead of a major.minor.revision scheme, where (older? ) people would expect that the software is out of beta when a certain major or minor number is reached. You do your thing, but please do not forget to skip the beta when the stable version is reached.
  3. @RomanZ If the whole project is beta, I am still wondering why there are such strangely high version numbers. Wouldn't it be a better sign to have 1.0 as the first stable version? But admittedly, this is nomenclature and has nothing to do with the problem itself To your question: The file was edited and all Sync applications (the local one and the remote on on my server) were running. I've also sent the two log files to your colleagues for inspection.
  4. Hi! I've switched back from the current release (1.4.93) to 1.4.82 (Windows) and 1.4.72 (Linux). Until now, the bug seems gone (at least for the file that I had the problem with). Don't know if other files are (still) troubled. Also I don't know if reinstalling the new version would have done the same for me. However, it leaves a very, very bad taste to know that there might be a bug like that around that potentially destroys all your work. Even though BTSync is still in beta, people will start using it for productive environments since "beta" sadly became a label that can be found everywhere nowadays. A label that has no true meaning anymore! This can also be seen when looking at BTSyncs version numbers: The app claims to be still in "beta", but dot-releases are coming in rapid succession without a stable version in between (or did I miss something?). Cheers, MCB
  5. Hi! I have exactly the same problem. In my case it is a Word file. Have not had the time for further tests. Cheers, MCB
  6. Hello again! Well, apparently my post was moved to this thread. So I guess I found a solution to my problem: It is not an exclusive problem with BTSync - it is a interference from BTSync and our virus protection (Symantec Endpoint Protection). When I switch the virus scanner off or deselect "All file types" in the auto-protection settings, everything is back to normal. Hope that helps a little in finding the cause of the problem(s). Cheers, MCB
  7. Hello! I am syncing files between my computer at work and my private computers using BTSync. Since I've updated my computer at work (Windows 7) to BTSync 1.4.93, I am having trouble to edit Word files inside synced folders. I can create new files and initially save them (Using "Save as..."), but when I change something in the file and use "Save" to save the changes, I get an error telling me about wrong file permissions (Error Code 200635). What I have tested: - This happens exclusively only with Word files. Excel is ok, other programms such as Notepad++ are fine. - Switching off BTSync or disconnecting the folder (removing it from sync) solves the problem. Then I am able to save changes as one would expect. - Moving the file to another folder (even one that has another key for syncing) does not solve the problem - The problem is independend from the file name Do you have any suggestion on what is going on here? Cheers, MCB