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  1. Hi I think I have the same problem I found this problem on nas using ARM armada 370 or armada 385. I did not find any problem on NAS using x86 or X64 processors.
  2. Hello Where could I download this version for synology (appolak, armada370, armada385, x64)? Thx
  3. Hello resiloSync does not work very well with version 2.6 I'm trying to go back to 2.5. Can you give me a link or I could re-download version 2.5 and expect 2.6 to work properly? My problem is that as soon as I add a file of about 3Go everything synchronizes well until a time when everything becomes slow it takes 4 days for customers to recover 240MB ... The CPU and RAM of the NAS clients are not 100% at all. I do not understand what is happening. I could perhaps say that the problem arises for Armada ARMs Because the Nas having this problem are DS115J, DS114 and DS216J which have Armada 370 and Armada 385. While nas with Celeron or atom does not encounter the problem. thank you
  4. My RAM problem seems to be solved, but I have another problem. Resilio loses write permissions on the Sync folder.
  5. Hello I have a Synology DS418play NAS. As shown in the table I installed the "Apollolake" version of resilio. My problem is that since version 2.6.1-1 resilio takes more and more memory (RAM) until you take all available RAM. Once all the RAM used, it crashes! Do you have a link to find older versions of resilio for Synology? Can you help me please? Best regard
  6. Thank you for your reply To prevent the PC A sends data through the Internet, I can copy the file from PC A to PC B with a USB hard disk and create synchronization between PC A and PC B with Sync. And in this case nothing is sent by Sync up the first amendment of the source folder? Best regards
  7. hello I wonder how "BITSyn" works when a folder is shared on a PC A strictly identical folder on PC B. "BITSyn" go there all copy machine A to B or it will just compare the two files before send data? Sorry for my English. Thanks you