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  1. RomanZ, when I noticed it does not work, I created new folder with only ascii named files. But the folder name had non-ascii character in name. Is this treated the same as with files? I guess the second scenario means read-only (backup) peer? None of those I tried with does not fit in this scenario.
  2. @RomanZ: there are mostly PDFs, OpenOffice docs and photos. I upgraded back to 1.4.93 and it looks it's syncing now. I will check again when adding more different files. Edit: updated Ok, so far I found out it sync photos, but does not sync documents. But that is not whole story. I use encrypted home folder. Among other folders I sync Documents and Photos. Documents are under encrypted folder while Photos are on the other non encrypted disk. Moving photo to documents - sync ok Moving document to documents - not syncing Moving photo to photos - sync ok Moving document to photos - sync o
  3. Ups, a typo. Went back to 1.4.83. First I stopped BTsync, then removed btsync-common (sudo dpkg -r btsync-common), so it leaves btsync-gui and btsync-gui-gtk in place. Then I downloaded 1.4.83 from here: and installed it. After that I started btsync-gui again.
  4. I went back to 1.4.84 and files started syncing again.
  5. I had to revert back to 1.4.83 and now it's syncing again. I guess there's something very wrong with latest version.
  6. Yesterday my linux computers updated btsync to version 1.4.93 and files does not sync anymore. Restarts does not help. After computer restart I notice it checks for changes but then the status shows as everything is synced altough I added files and folders. I use Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit
  7. Since last update 1.4.93 sync does not work anymore. No files are syncing. I even replaced version on all computers to be the same, but still, no syncing.