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  1. I believe mentioned before. On macOS, it would be very helpful to have a mouse over tooltip for the menu extra that displays transfer rate and estimated time.
  2. One nice feature on macOS would be a tooltip that shows current speed, as well as maybe progress of any folders currently syncing. It's a few steps to open the app and check each folder.
  3. Hello, Often I am wondering when sync is going to complete. Without having to open the window, it would be great to see a tooltip for total or individual folder time remaining, and/or possibly more details (each folder?) in the menu.
  4. I have set that. One OS is macOS; the other Linux. On Linux I had set it thru the UI which may not take effect until a restart and then perhaps since it isn't in the conf file, it isn't saved. Just edited the .conf on Linux and I'll see. Despite that, it seems a restart behaves differently and maybe causes a rescan on remote machines. Either case, a menu item to initiate sync I think would be useful.
  5. I would also like some way to manually rescan folders; perhaps some item in the status menu. For some reason, syncing doesn't always occur at scan intervals and I find a restart needed somewhat often.
  6. Glad to see the macOS icon fixed. Switching from normal to dark mode properly changes the icon though switching back does not.
  7. RomanZ, Hope the 2.3.4 comes out soon. On OS X I have only one .syncUser folder though I couldn't figure out how to, if possible, to get btsync to use that, and on Linux, it creates a second one. Hopefully both cases get fixed with the update. In the future I certainly will backup before updates.
  8. Thanks GreatMarko. So there's nothing I can do myself? There's the .syncUser* folder and perhaps some other files that point to it. if there's any manual editing I can do to, that'd be ok. I'm just afraid of it happening again; once before many months ago it happened as well and I'm just afraid that'll happen again.
  9. Is there anything that can be done in the mean time? I lost all my sync folder locations in Linux sometime last week, and just now, after an OS X update that after it finished, logged in for a few seconds and then quit back to the login screen, I lost all my sync folder locations in OS X. I have dozens of sync locations and really consider btsync unusable until some fix is released. I tried also to downgrade to 2.3.2, 2.3.1, and 2.2.7 on both OS X and Linux without success.
  10. I have a similar issue, also on Debian. After a machine reboot, btsync wouldn't start so I had to reinstall it. A machine I don't have root access to so installed to my home folder. Afterwards, the sync list is empty and when logging in, a new ~/.sync/.SyncUser* is created right beside the old one. I'm not sure why it doesn't find the old profile.
  11. Hello, Often I'm syncing multiple folders and I have a hard time finding out which ones are done and sync time left. For instance, I have to open the UI each time to see transfer status and rate. Dropbox makes it simple with a tooltip when you mouse over the icon : How tremendously useful that would be. For finding out what folders are done syncing, that I'm not sure about. Dropbox has Finder integration with status icons : That might not work as well though if it were added for folders, and if there were a way to add an icon to the Finder toolbar, to show folder status, that would save quite a bit of work trying to figure out what's done.
  12. Could BTSync be a document provider in iOS 8? I'd love to be able to carry all my PDFs and other word documents, edit them in other apps, and then re-sync to my desktop.