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  1. Hi! Sync deleted some of my files (again:) Now i did this: I have folder A, inside folders A1, A2 etc. A is synced as folder. Folder B is also synced as another folder. Inside i have B1 B2 etc. I have moved A1 to B and A1 became empty. Inside A i have A1 folder placeholder, i downloaded it, inside that placeholder was file a1.rslsv. I moved a1.rslsv to A1 (inside B) and a1.rslsv disappeared from A1 inside A and A1 inside B. There is also nothing inside archive and i can see in the log that file a1 was deleted.
  2. 2.5.6, cpu still high. Everything is indexed and nothing trasfering.
  3. Thank you for the reply! Here is my setup. I use version 2.5.3 on my macbook pro. Macos 10.12.5 Second Sync was on NAS Synology Diskstation 414j version 2.5.4 I have added advanced folder on NAS, then used Selective Sync... hm.. i'm trying to reproduce this things and everything seems to be working. I have updated mac to 2.5.4 and enabled "store deleted files to archive". Actually, i enabled this thing when my file was deleted as i described earlier. And the other reason to enable it was user manual where i found that i can set auto delete timer to 3-5 days. Thank you for help!
  4. Colored folders would be cool! Even within the app
  5. Do you plan to create a Telegram chat for Sync?
  6. Hi! I have renamed .rslsv file and it disappeared from NAS where was original file. Also, if i download file and rename it, Sync uploads this file again. As far as i tested, Sync can't sync comments to file, if i use Comments in macos. Am i correct? Thank you.