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  1. - Yes, Multiple backups only RO sync data. Not ready to risk other data yet - Yes on LAN - Test Scenario - Took a test image 1) Turn off Bittorrent Sync on Windows. 2) Turn on Bittorrent Sync app on iPhone 6 (latest app version) 3) Linux(1.4.103 beta) syncs files once synced All Image files.... IMG_4668 <- Test image 4) Turn/Close off iPhone 6 app 5) Turn on Bittorrent Sync on Windows Windows attempts to sync with Linux but results in "Out of Sync" - Current state of files in Out of Sync state All Image Files ..... IMG_4668.JPG.!sync <- Test image Semi new dev
  2. You are correct the Linux and Windows folders cannot sync between themselves once iPhone drops out of the picture(close the app). In other words, the iPhone can sync with the Windows & it can also sync with the Linux device. If one of the devices(Win) is offline when iPhone syncs with Linux - when it(Win) boots up it cannot grab the updated files from the Linux device. Error "Out of Sync" arises. Only Read-Only as it is a iOS backup -Mutantx
  3. Same issue still present with 1.4.103 beta on both devices. Fresh add of RO key to new folders on both devices. -Mutantx
  4. Issue with this setup. Currently restarting does not resolve this issue -Mutantx
  5. Also, am having issues with this. Machines both running 1.4.93 beta (read only back up) -Mutantx
  6. Check out the new iOS 8.1 upgrade. They've brought back the Camera Roll which seems to have resolved this issue. Now to just sort out the read-only backup "Out of Sync" Error on v 1.4.93 beta -Mutantx