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  1. My email client would suggest 1st November (I'm in Australia however). I'd be happy to install the version you know to include the fix though. Can you PM me the link?
  2. Hey guys, FWIW I've installed the 64bit test version @RomanZ has sent to me and I'm still getting access denied errors when trying to modify files as they sync in the background.
  3. I don't think it's you, I couldn't find a way to send a PM either. The only thing that comes close is the Profile Feed tab after you click on the avatar, but that seems more like a facebook style wall post or something. Confusing. *Edit: Alright, it seems *after* you make a post, and then visit the users profile, you see the SEND MESSAGE button. There you go.
  4. Thanks guys, I've read through the other thread. Good to see there's some active work going on there. I recommend infiltrating Dropbox HQ and planting a spy!
  5. Hey guys, I have my music collection sync between my work PC and home PC. My workflow is to dump all new music to a specific folder and from there apply some tagging and then move it to the permanent folder. Both the temp and the permanent folder sync as I often will like to listent to the "untagged" files at home. The issue is, more often than not, as I am tagging the files, but it would seem BTSync has picked up the changes and has locked the file. The only way to efficiently tag my files is to quit BTSync and remember to turn it on. I used to sync files with Dropbox and never had thi