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  1. Hello. I am testing BitTorrent Sync and for the most part i'm very impressed, but i have run into a problem that i just want to get som verification on. On Computer A I have shared a folder and copied a Read Only key from that folder. On Computer B i have created a .sync/SyncIgnore list in the folder i intend to sync to. Then i have added the Read Only key in the Sync App and chosen the folder with the SyncIgnore-list in. The first time the sync runs, the SyncIgnore file is working and it only syncs the files and folders i want. But if i quit the application, and then launch it again, all the ignored files and folders are synced. So, my question is is this intended. I have read on this forum that it is recommended to have the same .SyncIgnore file on every peer, but that seems like very bad design for read only folders, or maybe i have misunderstood what read only does. Anyway, I was wondering if this is the case or if this is a bug. It seems strange that there is an ignore file that is not local to every computer, where it can choose what it want to sync. This is the functionality i need, so if this is not possible with BitTorrent Sync i have to search for other solutions. But i'd rather not because i find this product very good and for every other part i love the implementation.
  2. Hi. I'm trying to use BitTorrent sync with the --config option. I have a Read Only key and the initial sync works fine, but if i for example change something in my read only folder, nothing will be synced. If i use the gui it starts working when i check the "Overwrite any changed files". So, my question is, what is the equivalent when using a config file? This is my folder settings atm, but i can't seem to find the required key: { "secret" : "secret","dir" : "path","use_relay_server" : true,"use_tracker" : true,"use_dht" : false,"search_lan" : false,"use_sync_trash" : false }