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  1. Does anyone know the answer to this?
  2. Does BitTorrent Sync care about the ARCHIVE file attribute used by Windows?
  3. I just performed a sync using BitTorrent Sync v1.4.110. I am 100% certain BitTorrent Sync overwrote newer files with older files. I don't have any idea why it would do this, except for a serious bug. The file dates and file contents clearly show that new files were overwitten by old versions. I had performed a backup of some of the data before enabling the sync, and the backup confirms the problem. A little more detail: I had previously used BitTorrent Sync on these folders using 1.4.9x. Only 2 computers are using BTSync and they run the Windows 64-bit version. They are on the same wireless network. Relay and tracker servers are turned off for each sync folder. I hadn't run BTSync in over a month. I upgraded BTSync to v1.4.110 on both computers. As part of the BTSync upgrade on System #1 (which had many new files), I selected the option to run BTSync after the program version upgrade. Once it was upgraded and loaded, I ran BTSync on System #2 (which I had already upgraded to the latest version). It than began to sync. Everything looked fine and appeared to run smoothly. But when I checked the files, in many cases, old versions overwote the new versions. I now have to sift through thousands of files to determine the damage BTSync caused and try to rectify as much of the damage as possible. UPDATE: I just had a full-time computer programmer verify all the above facts, and he concluded there is a serious problem with BitTorrent Sync, and that it definitely overwrote NEWER files with OLDER ones in multiple cases. This seems to be a huge problem.
  4. @piotrnik Thanks so much! It would be great if there was an option to allow those to be turned off by default for every new sync definition.
  5. I always turn off relay servers and tracker servers because I am only syncing across computers on the same wifi network. From what I understand, relay servers and tracker servers don't help with that type of use. Would this slow things down at all for that type of setup?
  6. @RomanZ I think what itrslin is asking is: does the .sync folder need to be deleted? That's a good question. Also, anything special to delete the sync for those folders and re-establish it?
  7. @Romanz You're welcome. Thank YOU for all your hard work. uTorrent client is not installed (nor has it ever been).
  8. @RomanZ Thanks for the suggestion. I found two files with mtimes in the future. It appears that clockworkmod creates files with timestamps in the future. Can you explain a little more about why files with future mtimes will cause BTsync to exhibit this behavior? I archived both files, and now there are no files with future timestamps. BTsync did not adjust the dates in it's GUI. I restarted BTsync, but no effect. I rebooted, but still no effect. The BTsync GUI still appears as above.
  9. @Romanz As promised, I tested it for you. Clicking on the close button closes the balloon notification. Not clicking on it keeps it open indefinitately. No other applications exhibit this behavior.
  10. There is a clear problem with the Date Synced field in v1.4.103. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words and that truth is self-evident:
  11. @RomanZ I will test that for you. I'm 90% sure it does, but I will have to verify.
  12. According to the Wikipedia article on 802.11n, it is designed to deliver up to 600mbps. Are you getting 540mbps on 600mbps routers, 270mbps on 300mpbs routers, and 145mbps on 150mpbs routers? BTSync is stating that it is delivering 3mbps on two 150mpbs routers I have tested. and under 10mbps on a 600mpbs router I tested. During testing, I disabled all other traffic on the routers. Also, during testing, I located all the equipment in the same 3mx3m test room. Can you advise? What types of speeds are others experiencing?
  13. @Romanz Thanks for the clarification. @Everyone So what speed it to be expected when transferring files using BTSync from one computer to another when they are both on the same 802.11n wireless network (Wifi-n)?