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  1. I had the same problem. Twice. I think the Android version needs and update to make it more robust. Who cares if it crashes or gets shut off? It doesn't need to have a safe close to prevent this type of thing. Tell the programmer team: Just save a backup copy on launch that you can fall back to in case of corruption. Then if loading fails, go back to the backed up version. This is what Microsoft Word does and every other robust software out there.
  2. Please update the "Create Identity" page to have a button that is: "Manually link existing identity" Because without it, you have to Create Identity > Manual Connection > Paste code generated from other device SO confusing, because I don't want to ever create more than one identity
  3. This does not appear to be true. On OSX, it does not give me the option to enter a secret for an existing identity. It only lets me create one.
  4. Your guides are too simplistic and don't allow for complex dual or triple boot computer setups. I suggest you add a footnote to the Windows section. Following this guide I was able to use the Windows Registry to dupe Windows 10 into using UTC. However I had to use a QWORD because it's 64-bit. It even worked with Internet Sync on, for whatever magical reason. From there, BitTorrent Sync worked (I had to close and re-open it).
  5. There is no clear "How to" link identities without creating a new one. So I improvised after skimming some articles about linking devices. My main issue with the docs stems from the fact that I don't want to create a duplicate identity and the the first step whenever I launch a fresh install of bittorrent sync is It asks me to create a duplicate identity. I don't see the docs even mentioning how to handle that step. So on my new desktop I reluctantly created this duplicate identity *sigh* and then I went to Manual Connection and pasted a long code I got from my existing working laptop in the Link Device screen. But it just hangs on the screen forever. It may be because I'm booting Windows 10 from Grub with a UTC time set from the linux bootmanager. I say it's UTC time because if I choose to sync with the internet time servers, it says it's 1am when it's like, actually still daylight hours here. It's been hung on this screen for.... over 10 minutes. And I have extremely fast network speed (300mbs WAN internet) and SSDs all optimized for gigabit LAN, ALL on wired connections, no Wi-Fi.
  6. I have two identities: All my desktop and laptop computers have the "Real" identity My mobile phone has a "Extra" duplicate identity I want to remove the existing identity on my Android, and make it use the "Real" Identity. The steps above appear to only work for non-mobile.
  7. Is there a ticket in an issue tracker we can use to follow Window CLI support?