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  1. 'Start Resilio Sync on startup' is enabled and Resilio Sync is also listed in the users settings.
  2. After updating to MacOS Catalina, Resilio Sync no longer starts on MacOS startup, i.e., it has to be started by hand. Any ideas?
  3. Sync (MacOS) has been trying to sync two files for weeks. It's stuck at 64 %, sync is working fine otherwise, i.e., other files are still getting sync. What can I do with regard to these files? The log doesn't show an error message.
  4. Yeah, that has been another issue for a long time: New versions are not available as updates through the app.
  5. Yeah, that has been another issue for a long time: New versions are not available as updates through the app.
  6. I have just checked if an update (to 2.6) is available. No!
  7. As far as I am concerned, the bug is still not fixed. (You cannot use a RC in a productive environment. The above-mentioned RC was apparently not ready for production since it has not been released so far …)
  8. Any plans for the one-year anniversary of this bug?
  9. It seems that Resilio Sync is no longer under active development. It is the only app I know with such a menu bar icon issue. And such issue should be issue to resolve …
  10. Yep, but my issue is not covered by this support document, it does not mention 'failed to download'.
  11. I use Resilio Sync on two Synology NAS. The issue is that the status does never reach 100 %. In the History, many files are listed as 'Failed to download'. (Type 'Info', by-the-way, shouldn't that be an error or a warning?) How can I identity the reason for these failures? Resilio Sync on Macs has no issue with the same files.
  12. OK, Helen, why haven't you published such an update for months? You must have noticed the issue already during the High Sierra testing.
  13. Resilio Sync is available for Synology NAS, however, it is a manual and insecure installation process. The packages are not signed, there is no automatic update and there are no hashes to verify the downloads. Why does Resilio Sync not make a repository available as other developers of Synology packages do?
  14. The issue is still reproducible. Is Resilio Sync still under active development? Replacing a menu bar icon shouldn't take that long!
  15. I have had Sync running on two computers at two locations and until recently, the peers 'saw' each other via Internet and syncing as no problem. A few days ago, I noticed that the peers only 'saw' each other when the computers where connect via VPN. As far as I know, I did not change any network settings. What could have changed?
  16. The issue described at is still reproducible. There is the kill workaround via Terminal, however, there must be a bugfix pending. Any news?