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  1. That very well could have been it, I found it was in the registry under HKCU as well as in the Startup folder, I removed it from the registry and when I ran the shortcut it started minimized, thanks bud!
  2. Heh, checked my shortcut for BTSync in my Startup folder, it's already set to "C:\Program Files (x86)\BitTorrent Sync\BTSync.exe" /MINIMIZED yet it's always starting full screen. Windows 8 issue perhaps?
  3. I'm sure there used to be an option in the settings to start minimized, if there really wasn't than I must be imagining things. I know the old look version of the program used to start minimuzed and I don't recall manually modifying the shortcut or registry to make it do that, pretty sure it had an option. And no this is my home laptop, no GPOs enabled that would cause anything like this. edit - I will go ahead and try it again, it's been a while since trying it probably about 6 months or so, I just updated to the new 2.0 this morning so maybe it'll work now, still should probably be added to settings, just a suggestion.
  4. OK but most "normal" users wouldn't just know that, why is there not an option under Settings for this like there used to be? Also as stated when I add that to my shortcut OR via the registry when I reboot it's gone, dunno why.
  5. I get excited everytime I see a new release thinking maybe, just maybe Start Minimized option will be added but it never fails, nope it's not there yet. I don't get it, long ago when I first started using Bitorrent Sync before the big GUI change it had the option to start minimized then it was removed with whatever version had the big GUI look change. Why in the heck would something so common to any application of it's type be removed, please explain? I know there's a way to do it via registry supposedly but when I add it and reboot it gets removed for some reason. There should be an option in the program itself to start minimized, it's quite crazy to me that it's not there especially when it used to be. You don't just take an option away when you put out new versions, that's going backwards, I don't get why companies constantly do stuff like this. /end rant
  6. On this same note, mine is set to run via the registry on startup and it has listed "C:\Program Files (x86)\BitTorrent Sync\BTSync.exe" /MINIMIZED yet it still starts up in view and I have to minimize it manually. This started when you guys changed the look of the program not too long ago so the /minimize option doesn't seem to work. *edit - I just deleted the registry key then added it to the Startup folder with /minimized and that works