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  1. I disagree. Those files are typically hidden and will be deleted when the file is closed, so there is no essential need to ignore them because if they did get synced they should get deleted as well. Also, if you are going to attempt to target those sorts of files, I would expect you shouldn't also target Folders, which your default rule does. I would also expect the rule would target only hidden files, not unhidden files since you can never account for what a user might decide to name a file. I did add my comments to the thread as you suggested. I presented an exceptionally easy way to assist users like me that need to make global SyncIgnore changes.
  2. I highly agree, there should be the possibility of a global SyncIgnore / Ignorelist. That said, I do see where users would want separate SyncIgnore / Ignorelist settings for each shared folder; there are benefits both ways. Therefore, lets make it work both ways. It's easy while keeping the existing features and functionality: 1) Add a Button in the main console somewhere: "Update IgnoreList file for selected synced folders". 2) When clicked, it would prompt the user to select which synced folders to apply the new IgnoreList file to. The user selects all or some of thier sync folders. 3) The user is then prompted to select an existing IgnoreList file that they want to use. Bittorrent sync could then verify the file format and then overwrite the IgnoreList file in every selected synced folder on the client with the file the user selected. 3) Bittorrent Sync would then apply those settings to each synced folder (currently I have to restart Bittorrent sync for it to update). This would allow us to easily update all IgnoreList files on a computer with the SyncIgnore settings we want. Thanks!
  3. Not Solved. Do I have to do this for every synced folder on every synced computer? If so, is there any way to globally affect the entire program? If there is no easy way to affedt this globally for the entire program this is highly undesired behavior because it means I will have to go thru 6 computers and at least 5 shares on each computer to fix
  4. I often use a tilde (~) so that a very important folder that I often use will be at the top of my file browser. I just discovered the new version of BitTorrent Sync does NOT sync these folders. It appears to completely ignore the folder. All settings are at default with a new installations of BTSync on new computers. Please correct this. It used to work just fine with the older versions.