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  1. I just set up several folders in BTsync between two machines only. One is paused, but the other is still transferring? To where? If my only peer machine is paused, no transfer should be possible? Desktop: Laptop:
  2. I realize that Syncignore has been deprecated in favour of the new automatically generated IgnoreList file. I would love to see an option to edit a default IgnoreList file, to be used a template for all future folders. For example, I'm a programmer and use Sublime Text between multiple computers. Syncing my projects with BTsync is awesome, but I have to avoid syncing *.sublime-workspace files since they contain absolute system paths. It's a bit annoying having to add *.sublime-workspace to my IgnoreList file every time I set a new folder up. Since the *.sublime-workspace file contains absolute system paths specific to the local machine, I have no reason to ever sync it. If I could add it to a global IgnoreList file, or an IgnoreList template file, it would make BTsync easier to set up every time I set up a new project sync. Loving BTsync though Thank you for listening!
  3. Is there a template IgnoreList file that's safe for me to edit, which would be applied to all future folders added to BTsync?